Community Guidelines

We want Maven Xchange and the Maven community to be a safe and welcoming environment for people to find great products, discover taste makers and experts, share their own expertise and product recommendations, and earn while doing it.

Our community guidelines boil down to being genuine, nice to each other and focused on social shopping.  Here’s a little more detail on that.


  • Be authentic. Recommend products you genuinely like…it shows!
  • Be creative. Make your boards tell the story you want.  An haute couture ensemble you select from your favorite online boutiques?  A comparison of electronics products? A shopping list and “how to” for a project?  Boards can do all of that, and more, with a little creativity.
  • Be visual. Use images and photographs on your boards and on products that are beautiful.  It makes visitors want to stay and shoppers want to buy.
  • Upload a picture to your profile. People like to see who is recommending products.
  • Avoid typo’s. It’s just the right thing to do.
  • Share products you like with your friends and followers via email and social media. Your friends are always the most likely to buy. And, it’s more fun to shop with your friends!
  • Use Maven Xchange to complement your blog.
    • Promote your blog, your social profile pages and your store on your Maven Public Profile page.
    • Embed boards and products created on Maven Xchange on your blog, or use links for boards and products from Maven within your blog or newsletters. You’ll earn when your readers click through and buy products you recommended, even if they don’t visit Maven Xchange. If you embed product clippings on your own website or use product clipping links that take the reader directly to the retailer’s website, there are important rules you must follow:
      • Disclose on your blog that your product clippings contain affiliate links for which you are compensated.
      • You may not alter the embed code or links in any way.
      • You may not put your own affiliate links in association with your boards and products from Maven Xchange.
      • Ensure that the content on your website complies with these guidelines (which will generally satisfy any retailer).
  • Obey the law.  Just like your mom taught you.


  • Don’t use profanity.
  • Don’t upload images that are pornographic or violent.
  • Don’t “spam” your friends or followers by creating lots of random content. That’s not genuine!
  • Don’t be discriminatory or abusive; and, don’t post derogatory comments. That’s not nice!
  • Don’t use software to interact with Maven Xchange. Our community is people, not computers.
  • Don’t put your own affiliate links (shortened or otherwise) in the names, captions or descriptions of boards or products.  It looks bad. And, it’s unnecessary since your products will already have affiliate links built into them by Maven Xchange.
  • Don’t copy any content from Maven Xchange using any tools other than those provided in Maven Xchange.
  • Don’t disrespect our retailers by trying to “game” the system.
  • Don’t put coupon or discount codes in your content.  Many retailers prohibit that.

Our lawyers have included a more complete list in our Terms of Service.  Be sure to read our Terms, especially if you think you might do something that is not nice or genuine or is in conflict with the purpose of Maven Xchange.

If you have an idea of how to make the Maven Xchange community more vibrant and better for you, we’d like to get your suggestion. Please visit our Give Feedback page.