Earnings Policy

There are two main ways to earn at Maven Xchange (in addition to special promotions or events):

Earn by Recommending Products

On Maven Xchange, you can clip products you love onto boards, customize those products and boards, distribute them via email, and publish them on Maven Xchange, on your own website and on social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. When shoppers click on your product clippings and purchase at an online retailer, retailers pay us a commission. You earn a Commission Share of 60% of any commission we earn from purchases that retailers attribute to product clippings you created.

For example, suppose you create and share a product clipping for a $125 handbag at a retailer who pays 8% commissions. When one of your followers clicks through and purchases that item and the retailer attributes the sale to your product clipping of the handbag, we will receive a commission of $10 (8% of $125) and we will pass $6 of that to you as a Commission Share (60% of $10).

Some details:

  • A shopper does not have to purchase the specific product you recommended in your product clipping in order for you to earn a Commission Share. Retailers will pay commissions for any commission-eligible products purchased by shoppers who “click through” to their website from your product clippings.  This includes additional items purchased in the basket.
  • Retailer commission rates vary considerably.  See the Retail Network page for current estimated commission rates.
  • Commissions are paid at the sole discretion of retailers.  If a retailer does not pay a commission on a purchase, you will not earn a Commission Share on the purchase. Though infrequent, there are a variety of circumstance that would lead to this. See our Earnings FAQs for additional detail.
  • Retailers may adjust or reverse commissions after the initial purchase. This is usually a result of the shopper returning merchandise. When that occurs, your Commission Share for that transaction will be adjusted or reversed as well.

Earn by Referring New Users

Using the Refer a Friend feature, you can refer other people to Maven Xchange. When you refer new users to Maven Xchange, you are eligible to earn Referral Bonuses. You will earn Referral Bonuses when new users whom you referred earn a Commission Share during their first 9 months with an account at Maven Xchange. During that period, every time they earn a Commission Share for a sale at a retailer, you will earn a Referral Bonus that is calculated as 25% of their Commission Share.

For example, suppose you referred 1 new user to Maven Xchange on January 1 and that person earns Commission Shares totaling $100 each month. Your Referral Bonus would be $25 per month ($100 x 25%) for 9 months, totaling $225 over the January 1 to September 30 period.

Some details:

  • There is no limit on the number of new referred users for whom you are eligible to earn Referral Bonuses. The more you refer, the more you can make.  Remember that they have to be users who are new to Maven Xchange in order for you to qualify for Referral Bonuses.
  • Your Referral Bonuses do not affect the Commission Shares that the referred users earn. We do not “split” their Commission Shares between you and them. Instead, you earn the Referral Bonus in addition to whatever Commission Shares the referred users earn.
  • Since each Referral Bonus is calculated based on the Commission Share from a transaction, a Referral Bonus will be adjusted or reversed if the Commission Share for the same transaction is adjusted or reversed.  This might happen, for example, when a shopper returns merchandise.
  • In order for you to be eligible for Referral Bonuses for a referred new user, both you as well as the referred new user must use the feature and follow the instructions we provide.
  • You do not qualify for Referral Bonuses for referrals made by your new referred users.  No pyramids here!

Please carefully read the Earnings & Payments section of our Terms of Service for important additional details.