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Frequently Asked Questions

Using Maven Xchange

Maven Xchange lets you clip products from online retailers’ websites and arrange them into “boards”.  You can then share individual products or boards with others via email, social media sites and on Maven Xchange.

Maybe the meaning of “product” is clear, but what exactly is a board? It can be anything you want it to be. So, be creative! A board can be:

  • An outfit you have designed for a cocktail party or for work.
  • A “Top 10” list of kitchen gadgets, home accessories, or music, theater or sports events.
  • A running list of products that you love, organized around a theme such as modern living room furniture, traditional tabletop, favorite powertools or birthday gift ideas for “grandparents who have everything.”
  • A collection of jewelry that you carefully curate across many retailers.
  • An article on today’s “best of the best” in televisions, treadmills, or toaster ovens, with your expert review and commentary.
  • A list of products you recommend for a particular project, such as a bathroom makeover or achieving a health & fitness goal.

Create a board today, and share your taste and expertise with others!

I can't login. What do I do?

If you have an account already, resetting your password will usually resolve login problems. On the login page, there is a "Forgot Password?" link. If you click that link, you will receive an email that lets you access Maven Xchange and reset your password. If you don't have an account and can't create one, or if resetting your password didn't resolve your sign in problem, let us know by completing the support form on our Get Support page. We will research your sign in issue and contact you with instructions on accessing your account.

Why does my email address need to be verified?

Sometimes, when people create an account by typing an email address, they accidentally type an incorrect email address. Similarly, when accounts are created using Twitter, Maven Xchange may not receive from Twitter a verified email address or any email address at all. We need to have a correct email address for you in order for you to use all of the features of Maven Xchange. One key reason is that we issue payments to email addresses using Paypal and similar services. So, if we have an incorrect email address for you, we will not be able to pay you and will have no way of notifying you. We also need to be able to contact you if there are issues with content that you post on the site so that we can help you resolve the issues. Email verification is quick and easy. When you create your account (or if you request another verification email from your profile page), we send an email to you that contains a special link.  When you click that special link, it tells us that you received the email and therefore your email address in your profile is verified.

How do I add products to Maven Xchange?

There are 2 ways.  Both are easy, but we think the Mavelet is the easiest to use. Mavelet The Mavelet is a button that you can add to the bookmark bar in your browser. It's available under the Get Mavelet option that appears when you tap your name in the top bar of the page. Once the Mavelet is added to your browser, simply browse online retailers as you normally would while shopping. When you are on a product page at a retailer and you want to add that product to Maven Xchange, click the "Mavelet" button and it will pull information and images from the retailer's website. You can select the images you want to use in your product clipping, enter and edit information about the product (such as your caption) and select the board on which to place the product. It's so easy! Inside Maven Xchange You can also add products from inside Maven Xchange, either in a board or on the My Products page in your workspace. When you click the add button, you'll be asked to copy and paste the URL of the product page from a retailer's website. In another window of your browser, find the product you want to add from the retailer's website. Highlight and copy the full URL that is shown in the top of the browser and then paste that URL into the pop up in Maven Xchange.  Our site will then retrieve images and information about that product and allow you to edit the product information, arrange images and select the board on which to place the new product. Note that you may also simply re-clip (or copy) products that are already on Maven Xchange and re-use them on boards as you wish.

When I add a product to Maven Xchange, I sometimes see the message “Retailer not in network”. What does that mean?

We have relationships with thousands of retailers and online merchants.  But, we don't necessarily have them all...yet! When you see the "Retailer not in network" message while adding a product to Maven Xchange, it means that retailer is not currently a member of Maven Xchange.  Therefore, purchases of products from that retailer will not produce commissions. There can be several reasons a retailer is not in our network.  They may not have an affiliate marketing program.  They may be too small and lack the technology required for tracking purchases. Or, we may not have yet contacted that retailer to set up a program. You can always see the list of retailers and other service providers in our network by visiting the Retail Network page.  And, if there is a retailer you like who is not in our network, let us know about them on the Suggest a Retailer page.  We'll try to add them.

How are purchase of products on Maven Xchange handled?

Maven Xchange is an environment for discovering great products and services. When someone is interested in purchasing a product or service that they discover here, they "click through" to the merchant's website.  All purchases are made from the online merchant directly.

How are purchases of products I recommend tracked?

Each time you create a product clipping on Maven Xchange, we create an affiliate link for that product that uniquely identifies you as the Maven Xchange user who is recommending the product.  But don't worry; we don't include information about you in the affiliate link.  We pass a meaningless random code that uniquely identifies the product clipping, not you.  No other party can do anything with this code. When someone sees your recommendation and clicks on a product clipping you created, the affiliate link is used to route the shopper to the retailer's website. Retailers have different techniques for tracking visitors on their sites (such as "cookies" or embedded codes in the URL).  Retailers track visitors and, when a purchase is made, the retailer reports that sale, along with affiliate link information and any commission earned, to affiliate network companies.  These companies collect and process the affiliate commission data and pass that information to us. When we receive information about a sale, we place that information on your Dashboard in Maven Xchange.

My friend invited me to contribute to a board. What does that mean?

Maven Xchange allows users to create boards that are "open," meaning other users of Maven Xchange can clip products to that board. Usually, when users create open boards, they're looking for product recommendations from people they trust. Your friend is probably looking for your product recommendations based on your taste or expertise. To help your friend, take a look at the board they sent to you. They probably indicated on the board what they're looking to find. Then, find a few products you'd recommend and clip them to your friend's board. That'll make your friend very happy. And you'll earn if your friend buys products that you recommend!

Why are affiliate links not always included on socially published products?

Social media sites, such as Pinterest or Facebook, have varying policies and norms of behavior regarding posting of affiliate links on their sites.  We are respectful of policies and practices within those communities.  So, we do not place affiliate links in content that is published to a social media site if we believe it would be inconsistent with their policies and practices. Instead, in those cases, we include links and information that allow users of the social sites to click through or find your products and boards within Maven Xchange. Pinterest allows affiliate links to be included in pins created within their site. Therefore, when you publish a product from Maven Xchange in Pinterest and a Pinterest user clicks on that pin within Pinterest, the user will be directed to the product page at the retailer's site using the embedded affiliate link.

Can I promote sales, coupons and discounts offered by retailers?

Yes, but there are restrictions.  You are permitted (and encouraged!) to put comments on your boards and products about great sales or special retailer promotions that you think are noteworthy for your friends and followers.   However, many retailers prohibit re-distribution of discount or coupon codes.  So, you are not allowed to place the discount or coupon codes themselves on Maven Xchange unless we provide them to you. When your followers buy products you recommend and they use discounts or promotional offers from the retailers, you will generally still earn full commissions on the merchandise total after discount.  But, this does vary by retailer and a limited number of retailers do reduce or eliminate commissions for discounted or clearance merchandise.

I logged in and I don't see boards or products that I previously created. What happened?

There are several possible reasons for this. Multiple Accounts Sometimes, people accidentally create multiple accounts on Maven Xchange. For example, if someone first accessed Maven Xchange using the Facebook or Google sign-in, one account would have been created in that first visit. If the same person later comes back to Maven Xchange and, instead of using the Facebook or Google sign in, they sign up again using their email address, that will create a second account. So, that user will have two accounts and may not realize it. That can become confusing since the workspace area of an account only shows products and boards created in that account. Multiple accounts that have the same verified email addresses will be merged by Maven Xchange automatically. However, if email addresses are different or not verified, those accounts will not be merged. If you have (or think you may have) multiple accounts, make sure your accounts have the same email addresses and be sure to verify the email addresses by going to your profile page, requesting a verification email and clicking on the link in that email.  Maven Xchange will then merge the accounts. Inappropriate Content Another possible reason is that we removed content from your account that was in violation of Community Guidelines or the Terms of Service. We will generally notify you when we remove content from your account, particularly in situations in which the content has been the subject of a copyright infringement notice. So, please check your email for any notifications.

Why was my content removed?

Maven Xchange is an open and flexible social shopping environment. However, there are several possible reasons we might remove your content. Inappropriate Content Our Community Guidelines define some basic "do's" and "don'ts" for posting content in Maven Xchange. These guidelines are in place to make Maven Xchange a welcoming and safe place for everyone and to comply with generally-accepted practices. We review content in response to complaints. If we receive a complaint about your content and we determine that it violates our Community Guidelines, we will remove it. We will generally notify you about the content removal. Copyright Infringement We respect intellectual property right of others and expect our users to do the same. We have adopted a policy based on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. If we receive a notice of alleged infringement about your content and the notice complies with requirements under that Act, we will remove your content and notify you. It is our policy to disable and/or terminate the accounts of users who have been notified of infringing activity more than twice or have had content removed more than twice due to infringement.

I have a suggestion for Maven Xchange. Do you want to hear it?

Of course we do!  We take feedback from our users very seriously, and incorporate collective feedback into our plans for changes and enhancements to Maven Xchange.  So please let us know your idea by visiting our Give Feedback page.

Do you still have an unanswered question?  Check out our Learning Center.  Or, tell us what you need on our Get Support page.