An Overview of Maven

Not exactly sure what Maven is?  Watch this short video.  Learn what Maven is all about, and why you should use it.

Bloggers and Maven

Are you a blogger?  Learn how Maven makes it easy for you to create, distribute and earn through beautiful product collections.

Network Professionals and Maven

Are you a network professional?  Learn how Maven can help you grow your business by sharing products that complement your core brand.

Refer a Friend

Want to earn money faster?  Refer friends and followers to Maven to earn bonuses.  Find out how easy it is!

Create a Board

After you’ve set up your account, what do you do next?  Everything starts with a board!  Learn what “boards” are, and how to create and customize them.

Add Product Clippings using the Mavelet

Clipping products to your boards is easy with the Mavelet.   Learn how to install and use it.  The mavelet makes  adding products to Maven Xchange as easy as shop and click!

How to Share Boards and Products

Sharing your boards and products is so easy…and, it’s how you earn. Learn about publishing to Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter as well as using email to share products you love.