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New to Maven

maven definition

We believe everyone is an expert at something: women’s fashion, decor, babies, sports gear, or maybe just shopping and finding great deals.  Do your friends ask for your help or ideas?  Then, you’re a maven!

We created Maven Xchange as a place where people who have expertise and like sharing their ideas can earn money while doing something they love …. shopping!

Some users describe it as “Pinterest with Pay”.   We think we’re much more than that, but that’s a good starting point.

Why should I use Maven Xchange?

Maven Xchange makes helping others find great products easy and fun, and lets you earn while doing it.
  • Do your friends ask for product recommendations or advice?  If so, use Maven Xchange to recommend products and you'll earn money from helping your friends find just the right products for them.  (And, your friends don't pay anything extra.)
  • Do you wonder how to make a little extra spending money from your blog? Use Maven Xchange to find and publish information about products that you reference in your blog.  If your blog followers buy those products, you'll earn money. And, since your recommendations are published on Maven Xchange and on social media sites of your choice (such as Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook), you can increase the number of people who follow your blog.
  • Do you have an online store or do you sell merchandise from an MLM (such as Avon, Mary Kay, or Pampered Chef)? Use Maven Xchange to promote not only your products but complementary products from thousands of online retailers.  Create your own product collections or ensembles and shift from promoting individual items to promoting packages of products and a broader lifestyle.  That makes it easier for your customers too.
  • Do you want to share your taste in fashion or decor with the public, but don't want to spend the time to create a website or negotiate marketing arrangements with merchants?  Use Maven Xchange as an easy way to get started in building your personal brand and your audience. We give you easy-to-use tools for clipping products, creating collections and sharing them with Maven Xchange's users and your social network.
Be a maven!  Share your taste and expertise, and earn while shopping. Who wouldn't want to do that?

How do I earn money?

By making product recommendations to other people that result in a purchase at a retailer in the Maven Xchange Retailer Network. Maven Xchange gives you easy-to-use tools to find products, create product "clippings" and assemble collections of products into "boards". When you share boards and product clippings with friends, followers or the general public, you earn money when people click on those products and buy. Maven Xchange makes it easy share your recommendations.  In Maven Xchange, you can:
  • Send recommendations to your friends via email.
  • Publish your boards and products to social media sites, such as Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Post links on your blog for your boards and products on Maven Xchange by simply copying the URLs for your boards and products.
  • Allow general users of Maven Xchange to browse your boards and products.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a link to a retailer's website that identifies for the retailer the source of the link.  Essentially, it tells the retailer who made the product recommendation when a person visits the retailer's website.  Retailers use affiliate links in order to pay commissions to publishers of content, like Maven Xchange. On Maven Xchange, each time you create a product clipping, we create an affiliate link for that product that uniquely identifies you as the Maven Xchange user who recommended the product.  When someone sees your recommendation and clicks on a product clipping you created, that affiliate link is used to route the shopper to the retailer's website.

Do I have to pay anything to use Maven Xchange?

No, there are no fees.  And, we pay you. Using Maven Xchange is completely risk free. You do not pay us anything and you can stop at any time.

How does Maven Xchange make money?

We do not charge up front fees for using Maven Xchange.  Instead, we collect commissions from online retailers when product recommendations created within Maven Xchange result in a purchase at retailers in our network.  And, we take a percentage of those commissions, passing the remainder to you.  See our Earnings Policy page for details. Since our success is dependent on your success, we work hard to make sure Maven Xchange works for you.

Can I publish boards and products outside of Maven Xchange?

Yes, we encourage that!  Using sharing features within Maven Xchange, you may publish your boards and products on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Our tools make it easy for you to share your boards and products with your social network on these sites by pre-formatting the content in a way that is optimal for each site.

Does Maven Xchange have a referral program?

Yes. When you refer new users to Maven Xchange,  you will earn a bonus which is calculated as a percentage of commissions that we pay to those new users. So, if you refer 10 new users to Maven Xchange, you will earn a bonus that is a percentage of the commissions we pay to those 10 users. That can add up very quickly! And, we don't take any commission away from them. Maven pays you both. To be eligible for a referral bonus, you must use the Refer a Friend feature so that we can track the referral back to you. Also, see our Earnings Policy page for important terms, including the eligibility period.

Can I promote products that I sell in my own store or in a direct sales program?

Yes.  Maven Xchange is an open environment.  If you sell products that you love, you're welcome to promote those products on Maven Xchange.  We encourage you to find creative ways to promote your own products and products from retailers in our network.

Can I use Maven Xchange to promote my blog?

Yes, and you should! Maven Xchange is built with bloggers in mind. Using our Mavelet bookmark button or features in the app, you can easily create product clippings and design collections or ensembles that are represented on "boards". You're free to customize imagery and text to reflect your unique taste and expertise. Boards and products created on Maven Xchange can be easily distributed via email and to your social media network (such as on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter) and on Maven Xchange. To promote your blog on Maven Xchange, you can include links to your blog in your product and board captions so that visitors to Maven Xchange who like your collections can click through to you blog.

Can I add products from retailers who are not in network?

Yes.  If you need that special product on your board to complete a collection or ensemble, you can add it even if the retailer selling that product isn't in our network. Bear in mind that you won't earn a commission from sales of that product. Be sure to check our Retailer Network page for other retailers who might carry the product you need. Our network is large. And, if there is a merchant you'd like to see added to the network, please let us know by visiting the Suggest a Retailer page.

Can I put my own affiliate links on products on Maven Xchange?

No.  All affiliate links within Maven Xchange must be produced by the Maven Xchange site.  No other affiliate links are permitted.

Do you still have an unanswered question?  Check out our Learning Center.  Or, tell us what you need on our Get Support page.