Our Community

Who uses Maven Xchange? Everyone! Anyone! Although it helps, Maven is not only for those with exceptional taste. Nor is it only for those with extensive networks. Anyone can be a maven. We love to share! We love to earn! It is fun and easy!

Below are just some of the groups using the Maven Xchange today.



Utilizing our tools and network, bloggers are producing creative product groupings and sharing these boards to their blog and social properties as well as the Maven audience.

Direct Sales

Direct Sales

Already using their networks to earn, DS individuals are using Maven to create complementary boards displaying items from our network alongside their main products. This allows reach and revenue not seen before.

Pinterest Addict

Pinterest Addicts

Maven is “Pinterest with Pay”. Although not designed to be an idea repository, it is designed to be an earning machine. Pinterest power users create product boards in our environment to earn from the engagement.


Social Networkers

You know who you are! You love to post, comment, and share. Maven allows you to earn from the actions you already love to do! Every interaction and every referral can result in money in your pocket.

Others groups include Etsy store owners, specialty shops, home decorators, DYI and crafters, personal shoppers, category experts and reviewers, fashionistas, and more!  Maven is a community of people like you.  

Clip. Share. Earn.