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Maven Launches Public Profiles
February 7, 2017

Maven Exchange, which is a mobile and web, social earning platform, continues to expand its offering by launching Public Profiles. These public pages offer a unique brand-building experience for influencers and users alike. more…


Maven Launches Category Sponsorship for Merchants
January 25, 2017

Maven has recently launched Category Sponsorship. Merchants can now purchase placement on to get in front of influencers as they create their product collections intended for sharing across their social connections. more…


Maven Launches Campaigns for Merchants – Share Events
January 24, 2017

Maven has recently launched Share Events! Merchants can now contract with Maven users to create unique boards of merchant products and share their creations in social media and on blogs….all for a reasonable flat fee. more…


Startup Spotlight: Maven Exchange helps shoppers earn cash by recommending products
November 17, 2016

Maven Exchange wants to be the accessory you pair with online shopping. The startup, founded by Seattle marketing vets Jess Waldeck, Michael Kimmons, and Marcus Tewksbury, helps shoppers earn a commission when they recommend products to friends online. It’s a win for retailers, who know recommendations are a powerful marketing tool when harnessed. more…


Jess Waldeck – CEO of Maven
October 24, 2016

More recently, Mr. Waldeck and his two co-founders, Marcus Tewksbury and Michael Kimmons, have founded Maven. is fun and easy to use much like many popular social sites. more…


15 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Started Their Business
October 24, 2016

We like to think of this as the evolution from a ‘Salesperson’ to that of the ‘Shareperson’. From this blossomed Maven. It is one of the first social commerce networks that allows everyone an opportunity to earn through personal relations. more…


This app helps bloggers and reviewers make money off recommendations
October 3, 2016

Maven was built to encourage peer-to-peer recommendations and reward those who are good at it. more…


Local entrepreneurs find success, balance through ease of online marketing, support
October 2, 2016

Maven is an app designed to help other budding entrepreneurs to earn money from their expertise. The app is based on the idea that “everyone is an expert at something.” more…


Maven is in the Media Spotlight
September 26, 2016

Maven is the first of its kind: a solution that lets people earn money by recommending products and services to others. People who love to shop can now monetize their taste and shopping expertise in an easy, natural way. more…


Glenview resident launches website to help users earn money
September 12, 2016

With a background in retail and marketing, Glenview resident Jess Waldeck found a way to help people make money for sharing products they like through his website, Maven. more…


This startup aims to be ‘Pinterest with pay’
September 8, 2016

Local startup Maven’s website lets people earn money by recommending products and services. “We’ve been called ‘Pinterest with pay,’ ” says founder and CEO Jess Waldeck, a Glenview resident. “When someone asks you where you got that shirt, you can earn a commission from the retailer simply by making the recommendation to your friend using Maven.” more…


Social media site allows users to make money by recommending products
September 7, 2016

The social commerce marketplace allows users to recommend retailer’s products and get paid commissions. more…


Pinterest with Pay
August 15, 2016

Maven is social commerce. Personal recommendations shape the way we think, shop and buy. Maven is designed to encourage social sharing and reward those that are best at it! more…


Earn money by recommending products with Maven
August 14, 2016

Maven lets people earn money by recommending products and services to other people. People who love to shop, can now monetize their skill in an easy, natural way. more…


Maven Xchange encouraged by early success!
August 10, 2016

Maven Exchange, Inc. (“Maven” or the “Company”), which is a mobile and web, social shopping marketplace, released their first exciting growth metrics for the Maven Xchange. more…


Maven Xchange from Maven launches
July 22, 2016

Maven Exchange, Inc. (“Maven” or the “Company”), which is a mobile and web, social shopping marketplace, announced today the launch of its Maven Xchange service. Maven is the first of its kind: a solution to empower people to earn money by recommending products and services to others. more…

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